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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stuck in NY!

My parents are adventure travelers.  They don't waste their time on uneventful trips and vacations, they come back with a STORY.  Like the time we went on a trip to Missouri in the motor home and our caravan had to stop several times a day in the mountains so we could fix various things.  When we finally got to Missouri, the car we were in with friends would die everytime we went up a hill.  Or the time we went to San Antonio to Sea World and the air conditioner broke in the motorhome.  Dad had to stay behind in the park in the 100+ heat to have it fixed.  Totally missed out on Sea World.

Or the time we were coming back from a cross country trip and the motorhome broke down a mile from home at 1am.  Mom and I walked home to call a wrecker and drove back up in the truck, only to have it not start once the wrecker pulled away with the motorhome.  We were towed twice by the same guy.  I don't think he charged us for the second tow.  I think he just felt sorry for us.

At the Dallas Market the shuttle bus we were in broke down before we could make it back to the hotel.  When I was in Elementary school, Mom and Dad took me and a group of girls to the Galleria to ice skate for my birthday.  On the way home the car broke down a couple of miles from home and we all walked home in the dark.  Those girls still talk about that night!

And there was the super eventful trip that Mom and I took with another mother and daughter to Georgia, pulling their travel trailer.  I lost count of how many wrong turns and brake downs we had on that trip.  We named the surburban we were in "Bag of Bolts".  It had one blue door that wouldn't open so whoever was in that seat had to crawl out the other side.  The trailer was practically welded onto the surburban because someone had forgotten to put any grease on the ball before hooking it up.  Everywhere we went, the trailer had to go to.  And we had to stop every couple hundred miles to add water so it didn't overheat. 

The list could go on and on.

Ahhh....good times, good times.

Their current trip is no exception.  They are currently stuck in NY after a cruise along the East Coast.  Hurricane Irene is set to make her appearance later today sometime and all flights have been canceled.  So they get to ride out a hurricane in some hotel room that they were able to get by the Grace of God.  They'll be lucky if they can get out Monday. Man, you try to avoid hurricane season by not scheduling a cruise in the Carribbean and then one comes to NY??   What are the odds??  But hey, that's just another "normal" trip for Mom and Dad.  What's a vacation without a good story??

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