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I am a SAHM, homeschooling mom, non practicing CPA, junk..I mean, treasure addicted, pretend decorator, jack of all crafts, let's just create something kind of gal. My husband calls it all crap and my son has to compete with it but I call it love. I love to repurpose and redo! Lemme see whatcha got and I'll tell ya what it could be!
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Furniture invasion

It seems like more and more pieces that I work on are finding their way into my house. And they don't leave. It's like a furniture invasion.  Like this coffee table that planted itself in front of the couch and refuses to budge. Personally, I think someone might have glued it to the floor. What are ya gonna do???

This picture was of course taken before it took root inside........

I love, love, love this table!  I love the lines, the legs, the size....  It's perfect really.  It started life as a typical dark stained affair.  Really boring.  But after the makeover, she's one hot mama!

With all that plain surface it needed something to dress it up.  Something chic...something sexy.....something French!  I used a projector to trace the graphic (free courtesy of and then painted and distressed.  Don't ask me what it says!  Something about fabric, I think!  I hope!  :) 

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  1. Brandi!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! LOVE how your table turned out. I've been wanting to do something like this. Thanks for the inspiration!